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2011 Olive Harvest

As near as we have been able to ascertain the olive harvest at Yatma went of without serious incident this year. The olive harvest is an important cultural time of year for Palestinians and provides an considerable portion of the year’s income for many families.

The olive harvest frequently brings residents and settlers into conflict as Palestinians’ olive groves are often adjacent to illegal settlements. At the time of the harvest militant settlers often take advantage of the occasion to attack harvesters, and to assert their control over olive groves near settlements. Yatma has been the site of conflict in the past. Many see it as part of an organised campaign against Palestinians.

There were frequent incidents in the West Bank in 2011, but Yatma has apparently been spared this year. Here is a collection of 95 photos or a recent Yatma olive harvest,  posted by Combatants for Peace. It isn’t certain what year these photos were taken.


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