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May Newsletter of Hastings Palestine Solidarity

Until someone is able to visit Yatma again activities of Hastings Friends of Yatma are reduced.

Lots of activities at Hastings Palestine Solidarity, however! Here’s their May Newsletter:


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Public Meeting to commemorate Nakba, with Dr. Khader-Abu-Hayyeh

Supporters of Hastings Friends of Yatma are invited to the following event put on by Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign::



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Separation Wall in Hastings

Palestine Solidarity activists set up a ‘Separation Barrier’ near the underpass in Hastings Town Centre on Saturday, to draw attention the the apartheid policies and human rights abuses of the Israeli government.

Apartheid wall in Hastings Town Centre

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Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign Newsletter

(Hastings Friends of Yatma supporters are encouraged to support the following Hastings PSC actions, starting this weekend)

Replica Apartheid Wall, Hastings Town Centre

Saturday May 3rd. We will be building a mini replica of the Apartheid Wall, a bit like street theatre, performance art even! The plan is to raise awareness of the daily restrictions to the freedom of movement endured by the Palestinians We will be setting up from 10.30, to start at 11.00. At the ‘tunnel’ (Sports Direct).

Please come along to support, heckle, paint slogans – do whatever you want to do – the more the merrier. This is part of Five Days in May.

This is the article about the event in the Hastings Online Times, with useful background information about the wall: Not The West Bank Wall: Permits available.

‘Bethlehem Unwrapped’ in Central London was the last time anyone built a replica of the Apartheid Wall in the UK. We aren’t quite in the same league!: they spent 8 months planning, 8 days building and a cost of several thousands. Here’s ‘Bethlehem Unwrapped’

Meeting with Yousef Al-Helou from Gaza

A packed meeting at the White Rock Hotel, Hastings, heard from freelance journalist Yousef Al-Helou, who gave a comprehensive presentation of the situation in Gaza, its history, and an evaluation of the present day state of affairs. We were told how everyday life is affected by the blockade. Yousef described Gaza as the world’s largest prison.

The meeting started with the film “Children In Chains”, detailing the abuse of Palestinian children in the Israeli military system. As Palestine Prisoner Day fell during the week, the meeting included the theme of political prisoners. The meeting was organised jointly by the Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Hastings Against War.

Yousef has worked with a wide range of media outlets including the BBC, CBC Radio Canada, Reuters Institute, Maan News Network and Real News among many others. At the meeting, he showed 3 of his reports for Real News. The last one showed how a growing number of Gazans are using social media to get the facts out to wider audience. This film, and a description of Yousef’s work is here: Gazans Use Social Media to Break Media Silence

Our next stall in Hastings Town Centre

Saturday 10 May. 12.00 – 14.00. To publicise our next meeting “Al Nakba,” and to promote solidarity work generally, we’ll be setting up a stall in the town centre.

Please come and support us, even if you can make it only for a while.

Ragged Trousered Folk & Palestine in 5 minutes

A full house at the Jenny Lind to commemorate Robert Tressell 100 years after the publication of ‘the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’ on Saturday 26 April. There were several acts, with David Rovics from Portland, Oregon top of the bill. We had a series of “rousing 5 minute speeches” before each set, from Hastings against War, World Development Movement, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, 5 Days in May and (of course!) Hastings PSC. Here’s our Palestine in 5 minutes. Tell us what you think.

The evening was a great success. David Rovics comes over like a breath of fresh air. All credit to Tony Street for organising.

All Aboard the Mavi Marmara – David Rovics

Checkpoint links

Al-Taiba: Occupation’s Daily Reality Check

Checkpoints and Other Barriers

Crushed to Death at an Israeli Checkpoint (January 2014)


RIBA: Suspend the Israeli Association of United Architects

Abe Hayeem explains the significance of RIBA’s recent decision to boycott the Israeli Association of United Architects.
Article here: Boycotting the architects of Israel’s occupation


Gaza’s Ark project attacked

A boat which planned to break the siege of Gaza was attacked in Gaza City port.
Article here: Gaza’s Ark project attacked with explosives


Secret London meeting to plan battle against BDS

Article here: Secret London meeting to plan battle against Israel boycott


Fields of Apartheid

Video from the Apartheid Eventures series: Fields of Apartheid


NUT endorses Israel boycott call

Article here: Europe’s largest teachers’ union endorses Israel boycott call


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Palestine Event in Hastings 15 April, 2014


Palestinian Political Prisoners

A documentary about the treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli Military Court System


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