About Us

Hastings Friends of Yatma, formed in November 2009, is a friendship organisation whose aims are to help promote human rights and justice for the people of Yatma, a small village of approximately 3,000 people in the West bank, Palestine.

Raida and Amna on their first visit to Hastings at the inter-faith embroidery group in March 2010.

Hastings FOY offers support and funding for educational and social projects.
Thanks to friends and supporters we have so far provided a computer and video camera for the local community centre and are currently campaigning to prevent house demolitions in the village.
We are in contact with other NGO’s and charities and through this type of networking we have been able to raise awareness of their continuing plight under occupation. Most recently a small charity has offered to provide a water tank to the village, as water is being siphoned off to the settlements.
Hastings FOY is currently in negotiation with this charity. We are also raising funds to provide internet connection for computers in the women’s centre and Yatma village council.
Our campaign to prevent house demolitions is via email and recent evidence has shown that persistent emailing can make a difference. See newsletter July 2010.

Hastings supporters and our visitors at the White Rock Hotel after their talk..

We host talks, presentations and film showings, and organise regular fundraisng events.

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