New Palestine Solidarity Campaign group in Hastings and St Leonard’s

Three weeks ago a dozen people met in the White Rock Hotel to form a new campaign group affiliated with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The group is not yet officially affiliated with the national group, but accepts the PSC constitution and goals. A core group was formed to take the organisation forward, and build the infrastruture, including executive roles, websites, Facebook groups, etc. Join the Facebook page here.

A number of initial campaigns have been suggested, including a boycott of Arad water meters (see description of the issue below), and boycott of Sodastream products.

Within a week, the first event was held, as the group hosted a graduate of Al Quds University, which is located in East Jerusalem. Tarek Ahmed described the conditions under which students must study at Al Quds university must study. Al Quds is in Area C, which means that Israeli Occupation Forces have free movement, and often harrass students with tear gas and riot control tactics, even when no disturbances have happened.

Tarek visited a number of Hastings sites, including Pestalozzi Village, and the Mayor of Hastings.

Tarek Ahmed with mayor


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