Israeli Occupation Army plans to demolish 21 Yatma houses

We have received news that the Israeli army plans to demolish 21 homes in Yatma, after they were ordered to by Israeli courts. Residents of the homes had until Thursday (yesterday) to appeal, but to date we have not heard the outcome.

The mayor of the village, Abdulmunem Jibril, said the demolitions would leave 150-200 people homeless and expressed surprise at the move because there were no settlements in the immediate area. He said the move by the Israeli government was likely to please settlers in the run up to Israeli elections.

Once the appeal process has been exhausted, houses could be demolished at any time, without warning. Typically residents find the demolition crew and army on their doorstep, are given a few minutes to remove their possessions, and the house is razed.

Since the successful recognition bid by Palestininans at the UN in November, the Israeli government has accelerated the replacement of Palestinians by Jewish settlers, by initiating large housing projects on Palestinian land in the Jerusalem area, and now by expanding the rate of demolition of Palestinian homes.

For background on the house demolition threat in Yatma, please see these previous articles. Yatma home demolitions threatened again 13 Homes Face Demolition in Yatma Also, see this account of a home demolition in a nearby village, witnessed by HFOY member Gill Knight in November 2012.

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