Boycott campaigns may help stop home demolitions

If homes are demolished in Yatma, Israeli authorities will almost certainly use heavy equipment imported into Israel. In the past two multinational equipment manufacturers have been criticised for allowing their machines to be used in the gross human right violations committed by Israeli authorities in demolishing Palestinian homes in the occupied territories.

There is a worldwide movement to persuade Caterpillar to stop supplying machines to the regime in Israel to be used for human rights abuses. One of them is the BDS movement. Another is the Rachel Corrie Foundation. (Rachel Corrie was the young American killed by an Israeli occupation force Caterpillar while defending a Palestinian home from demolition).

The British multinational company JCB  also sells heavy equipment to the Israeli occupation forces, (see JCB equipment being used to demolish Palestinian homes) and has an agent near Tel Aviv selling equipment throughout Israel. There are a number of campaigns to highlight the role of JCB machines in human rights abuses and to persuade JCB to divest from Israel.

Support for for these campaigns will make it more difficult for occupation forces to destroy Palestinian homes in future.



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