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We have three beautiful pieces of Hebron glass for sale.

A very kind donor has given Hastings Friends of Yatma three pieces of  Hebron glass to resell to raise money for projects in Yatma.

We believe this glassware was purchased between 1948 and 1957  in Hebron, West Bank.

History of Hebron glass: Hebron has been the site of a glass industry for as long as two thousand years. Hebron glass can be in a variety of shapes and colours, but is often associated with a striking blue colour. Prior to 1930 glassmaking was carried out by Arab and Jewish Palestinians working side by side. After the expulsion of Hebron’s Jewish population in 1930 several Arab Palestinian families continued the tradition. Lately, the glass production has suffered, due to declining tourism in the West Bank, export difficulties, and ongoing mobility problems relating to the occupation.

Friends of Yatma currently don’t know the value of these beautiful pieces. Probably not a great deal in pure cash terms. But we think that symbolically they are priceless.

By making a very generous offer for one of these pieces you are indicating your support for the ongoing struggle for peace and justice in Hebron and the rest of the West Bank, the will for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.  You are supporting higher valuations for the work of Hebron craftspeople.

And you are making a donation toward a useful project in the village of Yatma. (For a list of current projects we are working on, read current blog posts).

People with additional knowledge of Hebron glassware are encouraged to add more informaton via the comments feature.

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