Arrests in Yatma

Two residents of Yatma were arrested this week, while passing through an occupation checkpoint between the villages of Yatma and Osreen.

There hasn’t been any news why the two were arrested, or whether they were charged.

A number of other Palestinians were arrested by occupation forces this week.

This follows a curfew in Yatma in late December, after settlers from the nearby Rechalim settlement claimed that armed men had fired on settlers. Residents of Yatma were locked down, but no evidence of gunfire was found. It isn’t clear whether the settlers were correct, or whether they were harrassing the residents of Yatma intentionally.

Conflicts between settlers and residents are common in the area, but there have been relatively few incidents between Yatma and Rechalim since the ‘Price Tag’ attacks on Yatma a few years ago.

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