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13 homes face demolition in Yatma

Last September The Israeli High Court of Justice issued a decision asking the Israeli occupation army to demolish 47 houses in Al Sawiy and 13 in Yatma. The houses have received previously Stop Work Orders under the pretext that they were built in Area C without an authorization from the occupation authorities. The decision requested a speedy demolition in response to a petition filed by a colonial organization.

The targeted houses in Al Sawiya are located in the vicinity of the village and not, by any means, near any colony or by-pass roads. As such, the demolition decision has no security dimension to it especially in light of the on-going and continuous expansion of the nearby colony of Eili (located 2 kilometers away from the village). The expansion of this colony has been non-stop in the past few years given the fact that its colonists have established six satellite outposts while Palestinians are not allowed such a luxury.

This report from ‘Monitoring Israeli Colonizing activities in the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza’ website, which is a joint project between the Applied Research Institute in Jerusalem (ARIJ) and the Land Research Center (LRC). The project, funded by the European Union, aims at inspecting and scrutinizing Israeli colonizing activities in their different forms in the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza, and to disseminate the related information to policy makers in the European countries and to the general public.

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